Celebrate their life with a magical film.

Cherished Memories presents a remarkable opportunity for you to celebrate your loved ones’ journey through the magic of film.

With our high-quality storytelling, emotive music, and streamlined process, the unique story of their life will be beautifully captured to be watched and shared with future generations.

Celebrate their life with Cherished Memories.


This is an opportunity for you to honour their remarkable journey and capture wisdom from their life experiences.


Discover captivating storytelling that beautifully captures the essence of your loved ones’ life journey in a cinematic portrait.


I ask questions that younger family members might not ask today, but they’ll benefit from hearing the answers to for years to come.

​What’s the cost of not investing in their Legacy?

Resting Place for Cherished Loved One

Many of the people I speak to are busy with life, so they struggle to record memories for familiy members themselves.

Without an easy way to capture loved ones’ stories, you might end up:

Losing precious memories of their voice, body language and smiles.

Missing out on their unique perspective.

Feeling a sense of regret.

❌ Contributing to family disconnection.

Having an incomplete picture of their lives.

Allowing them to exit life without honoring their unique magic.

Creating a film about a loved ones’ life should be straightforward, but many people don’t believe they’re worth it. And if they do, you might struggle to find a good camera person, ask the right questions, capture scenes that enhance storytelling, or edit a compelling film.

Some individuals may contemplate writing an autobiography, transcribing old diaries, or attempting to decipher noisy audio recordings from family gatherings. Others might opt to create a basic book, only for it to gather dust on a shelf.


We’re here to help you craft the cinematic gem their incredible journey deserves. Through a series of beautiful films, we’ll capture their wisdom and experiences.

These films will be showcased on a private webpage, allowing you to share them with family and friends around the world for generations to come.

“My mum’s really humble and doesn’t want to seem important. But she is important to us. And to have these films is priceless.”

Sophie Gibbs

Barbara's Daughter

Capturing their Legacy changes everything.

Preservation of Wisdom: Entrusting Cherished Memories to capture the stories of a loved ones’ life, means your family’s legacy and unique experiences are preserved for future generations to cherish and celebrate.

Emotional Connection: Cherished Memories crafts magical films that evoke genuine emotions and bring to life the essence of beloved family members’ journeys, fostering a deep emotional connection among family members that lasts a lifetime.

Shareable and Timeless: The magical films created by Cherished Memories provide a private, timeless and shareable keepsake, ensuring that the stories and memories of their advertures are never forgotten.

Every story starts with three easy steps.

3 Simple Steps to get started with your film

“the process was straight forward & easy & the product speaks volumes for Dave’s professionalism. It’s a priceless memento”

Andy Carbery

Malcolm's Son

The Legacy Tribute Film.

I provide the full interview (approximately 1 hour), a 15-minute Director’s cut – perfect for the Grandchildren. And the very special Legacy Tribute Film.

The Legacy Tribute is a professionally edited 6-minute film that blends highlights from the main interview with beautiful moving images recorded on the day, supplied photos, and a delicate music track to create a magical experience that will give your family goosebumps every time they watch it.

Additionally, you will receive your films on a USB stick and a private webpage, allowing them to be watched and shared repeatedly for generations to come.

“When I first saw the Legacy film, I was so impressed. It was incredibly professional & looked like we’d shot a documentary.”

Kat Ashmead

Barbara's Niece

“Why me? I’m just ordinary.” 

I often hear older people say ‘there’s nothing special about my life.’

But here’s the thing, in New Zealand, that very ‘ordinariness’ is what makes them extraordinary. The Kiwi spirit, the resilience, the everyday adventures – these are the stories that bind families together.

Remember your Grandparents?

Did they share tales of their youth and tell you their secrets to a happy relationship and fulfilling life?

Can you remember that far back?

Wish your folks had made a film about them for you?

Nanny and Grandad

Wouldn’t it be an incredible gift to your children, a chance for them to see them, hear their voice, and truly know the person they call Grandma or Grandad?

Don’t let them down.

Young Eyes

Capture your beloved family member’s amazing life story on film. This isn’t just about nostalgia, it’s about creating a legacy, a priceless treasure for your family.


Sophie explains how important it is to create permanent memories & even though her children are still young, she knows when they’re older the films of her Mum will be really special.

Andy talks about his need to make a film to capture his Dad’s essence before it was too late. He says the process was easy and the finished film is a fantastic, permanent reminder of his Dad.

Kat explains why she was so impressed with the Legacy Tribute film, how she learned new things about her Auntie and found it delightful how kind and welcoming Dave made them all feel.

We have options for every budget.

The Basic pack

We shoot a 1 hour photograph memories film with a loved one and family member going through old photo albums together and reflecting on the stories.

The Premium pack

We shoot a 1 hour interview film, plus shots from inside the house, the garden and some old photographs. Also includes one outdoor location like a beach or the library. Finally we also provide a beautiful 15 minute Directors cut film.

The Legacy pack

Includes everything from Basic & Premium plus a special 6-min Legacy Tribute film, perfect for signing off at a final farewell.


✅ 1-hour Interview film

✅ 15-min Director’s cut film

✅ 6-min Legacy Tribute film

✅ 1-hour Photo memories film

✅ Final films provided on exclusive USB drive

✅ Final films easy to view & share on personal webpage


$5,499 inc GST


✅ 1-hour interview film

✅ 15-min Director’s cut film

❌ 6-min Legacy Tribute film

❌ 1-hour Photo memories film

✅ Final films provided on exclusive USB drive

✅ Final films easy to view & share on personal webpage

$3,999 inc GST


❌ 1-hour interview film

❌ 15-min Director’s cut film

❌ 6-min Legacy Tribute film

✅ 1-hour Photo memories film

✅ Final film provided on exclusive USB drive

❌ Final films easy to view & share on personal webpage

$1,999 inc GST

Leave your details and receive FREE Starter Pack.


How long does it take?

We only need one morning with you to film everything.

We’ll share your edited film/s to review within around a week.

They live in a small home - how much space do you need?

I’ve shot many interviews with people in small spaces.

My goal is to be unintrusive so I have a basic, small camera and lights set up with a mic for your collar.

They don’t feel comfortable on camera – what if they make a mistake?

I love listening to the stories and learnings from everyday people.

We go at whatever pace is comfortable and I can delete anything along the way.

It doesn’t usually take long for the stories to start flowing.

Do we have to stick to the agreed questions?

If you’re on the Standard package, it’s best that we stick to the questions on the list to ensure we don’t go over time.

The Premium & Legacy packages have lots more space to add or remove questions to suit you.

And of course, if there’s anyone or a certain time you want to avoid talking about, it’s entirely up to you.

Can I join as a support person?

Yes – You’re more than welcome to come for the whole interview – as long as you don’t laugh or cry out loud!

It seems a lot of money to spend.

A good way to see the film is that it’s a gift to your family. Your parents would love for you to want to create something special to remember them by when they’re gone.

Don’t ask them

Tell them.

Can we break up the payments?

Sure. I usually ask that clients pay $500 deposit before we start, then $1,000 before we shoot and the balance on completion.

How do you supply the final films?

I provide the films on a USB drive. These video files can be shared with anyone who has a computer.

And depending on the package you purchase, you’ll also be provided with a bespoke, private webpage which makes sharing easy.


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